Retail Standards

Store design and construction programs consist of a wide variety of elements that are sourced from a constantly changing roster of partners and suppliers. Retail companies rely heavily on these external vendors to maintain accurate details and specifications about the materials they provide so that things can be re-used and adapted for different programs and other initiatives.

Our Retail Standards solution is a customizable “in-house” web portal that is designed to modernize your workflow and put you in control of all of your store design and construction information.

We position it as your web portal / extranet site, and we configure it to meet the unique needs of your business – who you work with, how your teams operate, and what your workflows are with procurement, architects, contractors, installers, and other key stakeholders.

When we talk about “standards”, we mean more than just specifications and documents. Our approach is holistic and includes your decision-making history, tracking the lifecycle of components over time (prototype, bids, testing, distribution, maintenance, discontinuing/replacement), and acting as an effective “one stop shop” communications tool for updates and support.

If you are a retail company with more than 50 locations and you don’t have a good internal “Retail Standards” solution in place, please contact us for more information. Read more in Our Solutions.