Our Solutions

Our team is a mix of experienced consultants, support specialists, and developers. We have been creating and managing custom, mobile-friendly web applications since the early days of the proven Ruby on Rails technology stack.

Over the years, we have refined two of our applications to be used as a configurable web platform that supports the unique business requirements of large scale retail companies. Specifically, our platform provides retail companies with a Retail Standards portal that can be combined with a staffed and integrated Retail Helpdesk support service.

Retail Standards

Our Retail Standards solution is a file sharing and information management portal. It is designed based on a “crowd sourcing” principle of collecting and organizing specifications and other important details related to all of the elements and components used in retail store design, construction, and maintenance programs.

The portal is essentially a private extranet site, branded and presented as an in-house website managed by the retail company. Our team acts as a behind-the-scenes technology and support partner. We do not provide any design or engineering services and we do not compete with your suppliers and other existing partners by offering any materials or other project related services (i.e. installation, maintenance, etc).

Our specialty is information management. We help you take control of all of the information that is provided by separate architects, design firms, manufacturers, and other vendors and we organize it in a “one stop shop” site (with roles and permissions). This will modernize various workflows and streamline certain aspects of your business.

Retail Helpdesk

Our Retail Helpdesk solution is a concierge style support service that will consolidate all of the specialized support channels you have with existing suppliers and providers.

We use our own custom “ticket system” to track issues and handle background workflows (i.e. escalations, reporting, etc) and our Helpdesk service can be fully integrated with our Retail Standards solution to be either project team facing, store facing, or both.

Our approach is unique in the sense that our focus is on simplifying the help/support experience for your “end users” while allowing for more specialization or just chaos to exist in your roster of providers, suppliers, and other external partners. By adding our Helpdesk, your users (project teams, contractors, store managers, etc) can have a “one stop shop” to find answers on their own, submit questions or requests – regardless of the related vendor or contact – and have that activity tracked over time to provide better insight into how to make big picture improvements.

Custom Solutions

As a firm we used to sell every project as a “custom” solution – and we still do. The difference now is that our existing Retail Standards and Retail Helpdesk solutions are a great way to jump in quickly and start figuring out what’s needed by doing – not thinking too much about it.

Over time, we find ourselves in a true partnership mode with our clients. We get involved in conversations and topics that relate to what we are doing primarily, and eventually we start talking about customizations or new systems and solutions that could be created or added to the mix.

This is our sweet spot. The answer isn’t always taking on a huge new system development project, and in our experience most of the essential components of a “new” solution are usually already in place. The trick is figuring out how to make adjustments – how to optimize components – and identifying practical ways to align things better.

If you are interested in learning more about our solutions, please contact us to Get Started.