RI Department of Education

From 2009-2017, we helped RIDE with three important projects – InfoWorks, the RIDE and Exceed Helpdesks, and the RI Data Sharing Project (aka SLDS).

InfoWorks started in 2009 as an effort to replace annual printed reports on all K-12 school data with a live, web-based platform, integrated with RIDE source data. We built a custom Ruby on Rails application, and managed the system with manual data updates for 8 years.

For the Helpdesk projects, we were initially hired a month before the 2012-13 school year and tasked with getting up and running to provide tech support for over 15,000 K-12 teacher and administrator users, later adding another 5,000 early childhood educator users. To do this we built a custom ticket system web application and started providing coverage at the start of the school year (within 4 weeks of getting our PO). For the next 4+ years we supported users of various RIDE software and systems (curriculum, professional development, reporting, etc) that were launched as part of the state’s $75 million “Race to the Top” federal grant award.

The RI Data Sharing Project was a collaborative effort to manage a “Statewide Longitudinal Data System” or SLDS. Basics was engaged to provide branding and communications support, and to coordinate the activities of a multi-agency project team and related advisory council.


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October 2, 2015