Custom Solutions

We believe that every client situation is unique and that all of our projects need to be managed as “Custom Solutions” even when they leverage our existing technology and proven approach to support services. Our firm was built on doing custom projects – not just for retail companies, but from working with a wide variety of organizations over the years.

A Custom Solution can be as simple as an add-on or modification for one of our existing web applications. It could also mean helping you implement or integrate some other technology or building you an entirely new system from scratch.

For supporting retail store design and construction, we feel that our Retail Standards and Retail Helpdesk are great way to get started quickly. We can be up and running with either (or both) of these solutions so we can start learning about the ins and outs of your business and get useful insights about whether or not customizations or other new technology might be necessary.

As a trusted partner, we find ourselves acting as a “solutions advisor” where we get involved in other conversations and help you evaluate other systems or technology providers. Our goal is to find the best overall solution for you – not necessarily to build more custom systems.

If you are curious about our approach, please contact us for more information. Read more in Our Solutions.