Dwight McMillan

Dwight has been helping clients solve their branding, web, and information management problems for 25 years. He started Basics in 2003 with a mission of doing practical projects that deliver immediate results and have clear long-term and strategic value. dwight@

Kristen Kreuzkamp

Kristen is a leader at Basics who works closely with clients to understand their needs, develop project plans, and deliver effective solutions. She has been instrumental in the development and deployment of our Corral solution for large retail companies. kristen@

Karyn Dillon

Karyn is the point person on our team for providing technical support and related services. She coordinates the system configuration, data entry, training guides, user on-boarding, and user support and feedback for our applications and projects. karyn@

Adam Turkington

Adam is a proven project manager with extensive experience supporting the in-store merchandising activities of our retail clients. With our own ticket system and a flexible staffing approach, Adam oversees the 24×7 coverage and services of our team. adam@

Dave Piehler

Dave is a lead developer and a front-end web design expert. He enjoys learning new technologies and is passionate about responsive interface design and creating clean and intuitive user experiences for our applications and other projects. dave@

James Blanding

James is a lead developer and a back-end database and system integration expert. He works closely with Dave to design and develop our applications and hosted services. James also manages all aspects of our production and development server environments. james@