Since 2003, every project we’ve worked on at Basics has been “custom”. Even when we’ve worked with clients that are similar types of businesses or organizations, we have gotten involved in different aspects of their operations or we’ve been asked to help solve different types of problems.

Recently, that’s changed and become more narrowly focused for us. Through years of working with large retail companies like Citizens Bank and CVS Health, we have developed a significant amount of subject matter expertise in supporting retail store design, branding, construction, and merchandising/maintenance support services. Despite similarities in our services for those clients, we still pride ourselves in fitting our solutions into the unique niche gaps within each of their businesses.

This is the nature of our business – we work with each client to understand what they already do well and what their other current systems or applications do for them. Then we identify gaps and figure out how to fill them in.

For retail companies, this has revealed a common need, and our Corral platform has proven to be a versatile starting point for providing enterprise level solutions for larger clients. This still falls well within the parameters of a “custom project”, but over time we have created building blocks that allow us to jump in and quickly implement solutions for new clients.

Ask us about custom projects. Not every situation is the same and we don’t think every business is the same – even if they look very similar to most other people.