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Starting with their logo, Basics developed a refreshed brand for AICU Rhode Island. The alliance, which represents the eight private colleges in our State, needed a modern design that also reflected it’s members values and traditions. The result is a refined logo that speaks to their mission of partnership and collaboration.




Basics carried over the new look and feel to various communications material, including a new website design. The result is a bright, modern site that is easy-to-use and adapts seamlessly to mobile devices. The website emphasizes the alliance’s mission and it’s activities within the community and government. It also features profiles of it’s member institutions and leadership.

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Basics also designed a series of handouts for AICU Rhode Island. The Fast Facts handout provides quick statistic related to higher education in Rhode Island. The Mission Overview provides a visual guide to the organization’s mission and how it accomplishes it’s goals through various initiatives, committees, and partnerships. Both documents were distributed at AICU Rhode Island‘s annual board meeting and were well received by it’s members.