We focus on the basics. The definition we like most is that the “basics” are the “simplest and most important parts of something”.

That’s what we strive for – in solutions we develop, tools we use, and in the services we provide to clients. We solve big, complex problems by taking smaller practical steps forward. We build strong relationships and deliver real value to our clients by staying focused on what’s most important to them.


We ask questions and challenge “business as usual” approaches to spark new ideas.


We set big goals and then break projects down into a series of achievable steps.


We see each project as an investment by our client to move their business forward.


Each of our clients is unique and our projects are defined to match the specific goals and requirements of their different situations and priorities. Despite the differences, our projects usually include some combination of the following:

  • Consulting – We start in a learning or discovery mode and shift as quickly as possible into a planning and design phase. This becomes an ongoing process or lifecycle of improvement as we execute phases of a project over time.
  • Development – We use best-in-class open source technologies and third party resources and providers to deliver hosted web solutions. We prioritize features and build custom systems in phases, and we leverage pre-existing components as much as possible.
  • Support – Mostly related to our web solutions, this may include data entry, user support, training, or other ongoing activities. Our team can be a flexible way to extend your in-house staff and manage the transition to a new system with different workflows.


Basics Group, Inc. is based in the great state of Rhode Island and was founded in 2003. For the first 12 years or so we grew the business by taking on a wide variety of projects – graphic design, websites, branding – and by saying yes to clients of all shapes and sizes. Every project was something new for us and we learned a lot about different industries and types of organizations. More recently, we sharpened our focus to work primarily with large retail companies. Since we started, we have become experts in supporting certain aspects of how these businesses operate, and we are very excited about our future in this niche.


As a small team of experts, we each work independently on our parts of each project, in collaboration as a whole group, and by interacting directly with our clients and partners. We work closely with clients in long-term support relationships, often as an extension of their in-house staff. This is a key component of our value as a vendor and a trusted partner. We develop a deep working knowledge of day-to-day operations and business goals and strategies, and we use that insight to deliver more effective solutions.

We do not currently have any open positions but we are always interested in meeting new people. Please contact us to start a conversation about joining our team.