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Research & Branding

Basics Group worked with One Neighborhood Builders to create a brand identity for the Olneyville Square business district. We worked closely with stakeholders in the business community to create an identity that would serve as a base for ongoing communications and awareness building for the business district. We learned that we needed to highlight areas of strength such as, arts and entertainment, Hispanic businesses, and historic landmarks. The result is a mark that is a distinct, but neutral, canvas on which the vibrant heart of Olneyville, and its residents can come to life.

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To help promote the business district, the identity was used on various signage throughout the neighborhood such as lamp posts, window decals, and branded banners to mask construction areas.


Website & Social Media


The Olneyville Square website is a fantastic example of how One Neighborhood Builders used the identity and tools we created to successfully continue the brand. This website helps to promote the businesses within Olneyville Square. Our team also set up and managed their social media.

Creative Director: Hallie Steele
Strategy: Hallie Steele / Amy Bernhardt / Lisa Carnevale
Design: Hallie Steele / Amy Bernhardt
Research: Lisa Carnevale, Myranda Group
Web Developement: One Neighborhood Builders
Copywriting: Lisa Carnevale, Myranda Group