Basics Group recently worked with RI Commerce Corporation to design the WAVE Report, Governor Gina Raimondo’s economic strategy for the state of Rhode Island. The report outlined the Governor’s plan for investment in workforce development, business innovation, and tourism. The design featured infographics highlighting various statistics about the state’s population and investments over the years.

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Spirit of Rhode Island Video

The “Spirit of Rhode Island” video was created as a business attraction tool, to be used nationally and internationally as a means to begin a larger discussion about relocation. The theme of “spirit” carries the video introducing Rhode Island’s world-class industry, innovation, culture and institutions.

Creative Director: Hallie Steele / Amy Bernhardt
Design: Amy Bernhardt
Copywriting: Lisa Carnevale, Myranda Group (WAVE report) / Anna Macgregor-Robin (Spirit of Rhode Island)
Video Production: Axion Media Lab
Animation: Mariah Hourihan, Six Lemon Pies