Dwight McMillan


Technically, Dwight is president, but really he does a lot of different things. Dwight loves working with clients and the Basics team to solve complicated problems with fun and clever design and technology projects. Before moving to RI and starting Basics in 2003, he was a principal at a brand design firm in Manhattan and before that at an internet bubble multimedia studio in Philadelphia.

Hallie Steele


Hallie is a creative director who literally helped build Basics from the ground up. She leads many of our client relationships and our branding and design initiatives, with a focus on collaboration and making the work we do seriously fun. Hallie joined Basics after working at a branding and design studio in Minneapolis and having been the in-house senior designer at a large retail company.

Dave Piehler


Dave is a lead developer who joined the Basics team in its very early stages. He is our point person for obsessing about application interface design and creating intuitive user experiences. Dave enjoys learning and adopting new technologies, and prior to Basics, he ran his own web design firm to provide custom solutions for a variety of corporate, municipal, and nonprofit clients.

Amy Bernhardt


Amy is a creative director, responsible for communications, outreach, and community engagement projects and branding efforts. She is a talented RISD alum who brings over twenty years of design service experience and a wide variety of interests into the mix. Amy was recently named a RI Innovation Fellow for her Colorfast project to start a pilot textile design facility right here in our own backyard.

James Blanding


James is a lead developer and resident IT manager for all of our technical and network administration needs. He works closely with Dave and Tim to design and develop lean and agile project solutions and to manage our secure, scalable, and easy-to-maintain project technical environments. Before joining Basics, James was a database administrator at URI.

Andrea Cacase


Andrea is a senior designer who works closely with Hallie and Amy to implement branding and communications projects for both print and web. Her range of skills in design and web development bring extra capacity to the Basics design team. Andrea joined Basics after working as a designer in a range of industries, including technology and media, education, jewelry, and publishing.

Karyn Dillon


Karyn is a senior project manager and leads our efforts with helpdesk and helpline solutions and services. If you are a teacher or administrator in Rhode Island’s public or charter schools, you have probably gotten great customer service and technical support from Karyn at some point in the past few years. In a past life, she was an elementary school teacher herself.

Kristen Kreuzkamp


Kristen is an account manager at Basics and works closely with client teams for some of our larger projects to create effective plans and coordinate progress and the successful focusing and implementation of our team’s ideas. She has experience in database marketing and direct mail, having worked closely in previous positions with companies like Smith Barney, Nationwide Insurance, Citigroup, J.Crew, Lands End, and JCPenney.

Tim McAllister


Tim is a senior developer who brings a solid background in application design and software engineering to our team. He has worked on in-house and contractor teams for several Fortune 50 companies and for lean start-up ventures. With a focus on project workflows, tools and processes, and employing variations of agile development methodologies, Tim works closely with Dave and James to design and implement effective technology solutions.

Adam Turkington


Adam is a project manager who has extensive experience in supporting retail merchandising and internal corporate activities for our clients. Before joining Basics, he worked in-house at a regional retail bank, and has leveraged that experience to be very effective in his current role where he provides great service and responsive support to our clients’ employees on their behalf.